Facts about Facebook

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Facts about Facebook

Post by Admin on Fri Nov 04, 2011 4:43 pm

What is Facebook?!

Facebook is one of the most popular social network in the world. It has more that 500 million of registered users. In 2010 Facebook made a two billion dollars profit. But Facebook community is still growing, and who knows, maybe it will be a big part of our future lives? Here are some interesting facts about Facebook and it's owner, Mark Zuckerberg.

Facts: part 1

1. Al Pacino is the old face of Facebook. It's true, in the header of old Facebook design a man's face represented a Facebook, but later it was found that that face was stylized Al Pacino's face.

2. Sharing was one of the functions of Facebook. Program called Wirehog was the first extension of Facebook. It was working like P2P network, but you can share your files just with your friends. In 2006 Wirehog project was cancelled, because of possible break of copyright.

3. One of the first corporations registered in Facebook was Microsoft. Soon after that Apple, Intel, EA, Amazon and other famous companies registered in Facebook.

4. Facebook have it's own cookies. For example, if you enter %u201Eputnam" into your conversations window, you will see Chis's Putnam's photo.

Facts: part 2

5. The meaning of the poke is still unknown. There is no meaning of the poke function in Facebook. Many people think that it's function is help to flirt between two people.

6. An average nuber of friends in Facebook is 130. How many friends in Facebook do you have?

7. M. Zuckerberg is calling himself a graduate. In fact M.Zuckerberg is not a graduate of Harvard university, because he was eliminated from Harvard university, while he was creating a Facebook network. But he admits with this fact.

8. The biggest ammount of Facebook users have California state. There are 15,2 million of Facebook users in California. USA still have the biggest ammount of Facebook users, if you look worldwide.

9. Jumper of employee of Facebook was sold for 4000 dollars. Many people think that jumper is so expensive, because there is a motto of Facebook in the inside of the jumper.


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