Can't format USB

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Can't format USB

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 20, 2012 11:35 am

I agree with gaurav on that part but since you said some disk utility locks the drive & if it does in the safe mode too then you computer still is infected. I would thus suggest to try kaspersky . It is free for one month. Scan remove and format the usb along with your computer.


First of all I recommend Kaspersky as an Antivirus. To format you follow these steps.

1. download Lock Hunder from and install.
2. Open My computer and right click on the USB drive and select the option" What is locking this file?"
3. The window that will open up will give you the process that is locking the drive. Select unlock it. There may be more than one process locking it.
4. Format the usb drive & rescan the drive and your computer for viruses.

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